95×0 1074 Hybrid by lyricidal


1. Install OS to PC –

9500: [Currently untested]
2. Install the hybrid over the OS folder above using this installer
2a. Shrink your OS if you want
3. Install to phone
3a. For best results, do 2-3 battery pulls and allow 24-48 hour “settling” time

Note: I have included 6.x files separately (I do not use them, but I do realize that some people like them). They are in the 6.xFiles folder outside of the Java. Either copy and paste them into the Java or load them with you program of choice. If you do use them, please state so in your findings/fixes posts please!

This hybrid includes:
– .1068 in About screen
– Full .1068 Java from 9520 Leak
– 100+ .1074 files to improve performance
– The rest .1041+
– Latest: App World, BBM, Facebook, Twitter
– BBHybrids Launcher (Optional)
– Shrink-A-OS (Optional, but recommended)
– BBSAK (Optional, excellent tool)
– BlackBerry Master Control Program (Optional, another excellent tool)
– Multi-language Support

Optional Apps:
– BBHybrids Theme (By Rellims)
– Minimal Bold Theme
– BerryBlab (vBulletin client)
– Bolt/Opera5 Browser choices
– CaptureIt

Download Here

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